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Lauren Denise Byrd
Lauren Denise Byrd was born and raised in Oakland, California. Now 26 years old, she began singing at the age of 3 and recorded her first group project in 2007. She has since been ministering at her home church New Hope COGIC, throughout the Bay Area and abroad with her sisters, known as “The Byrd Sisters” for over 15 years. She’s had the opportunity to share the same platform with many local and national artists such as Kierra Sheard, MaryMary and Chrystal Rucker. At an early age, she developed a passion for music, arranging and song writing and began to play the piano at the age of 5. She has given back to the Bay Area continuously through her gift and plans to do so as long as she is able. She graduated in the spring 2012 with an Associate of Arts degree in Music. This contemporary gospel artist's album is one that deals sincerely with the challenges and as well as the victories that life presents to the believer. Her songs will have you with uplifting hands one minute and the next with hands clapping & feet tapping. Anyone who has ever heard Lauren knows that her Contemporary Gospel sound dances with the melodies that shadow R&B and just flows with the organic taste of Neo-Soul. Lauren's debut album entitled "Love You 2 Life" brings an excellent and full repertoire; showcasing her God-given gift to share not only with the Body of Christ, but with the entire WORLD! The hit single "My Strength & My Redeemer" is from Lauren Denise Byrd's debut album "Love You 2 Life" which was recently released digitally worldwide October 9, 2015. Keep up with Lauren Denise Byrd on twitter, periscope, instagram (username - CmajorLDB) as well as on Facebook.
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