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State attempting to ban Evangelism

Seventh-day Adventist Church and two of its members filed a lawsuit against an Arkansas city over a local ordinance that prevents door-to-door literature evangelism.

Joe Biden and gay marriage

Written by:
Chiqui Guyjoco

Three bishops of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) did not mention Biden, the first Roman Catholic to be America's vice president, on their statement posted Friday on the USCCB' blog but they clearly denounced the latest action taken by the politician as a "counter witness, instead of a faithful one founded in the truth."

Paganism growing in UK

A faith with its roots in pre-Christian culture is still attracting converts. Neil Hudson talks to the man behind the country’s oldest Pagan gathering MENTION the word Paganism to most people and it will probably conjure up images of ancient rituals conducted by people in hoods tramping round the mist-filled fields of pre-Roman Britain.

Trump wants to test Muslims

Donald Trump on Monday said he would impose an ideological "new screening test" for people who wish to immigrate to the U.S., which he described as a policy of "extreme vetting" needed to defeat radical Islamic terrorism.

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