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Anti-Muhammad Billboard Angers Muslims

Written by:
by Universal Life Church Monastery

A controversial billboard overlooking a busy highway in Indianapolis has drawn mounting criticism from the area’s Muslim community. The message makes a sarcastic (and not so subtle) reference to the Prophet Muhammad, calling him the “The Perfect Man”. Beneath this nickname, the billboard lists a number of controversial assertions about the prophet.

Army Teaches Men How To React To Pregnant “Men”?

Written by:
EX Ministries

The transgender movement and how our society is indoctrinating this generation psychologically. The idea that we should be tolerant and accepting of women that identify as men (or vice versa) is already preposterous! Now they want to teach men in the armed forces how to react to a transgender man that is pregnant?


Tasha Cobbs Leonard releases her brand new song, “Great God,” for download and streaming on all digital platforms today. The new release comes in the middle of a whirlwind weekend of high-profile performances and appearances during BET Awards weekend in Los Angeles, CA. The top-selling, multiple award winning artist shared the song in advance of her ambitious third album, HEART. PASSION.

Milo Yiannopoulos Book Deal Canceled

Written by:
Rashad Robinson

Color Of Change, the nation’s largest online racial justice group, responds to today’s news that Simon & Schuster has cancelled their book deal with noted white supremacist and internet troll Milo Yiannopoulos.

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