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Why advertise with KGM1 Radio?

Companies and Artists do you want to reach a larger audience?

KGM1 Radio is the gospel and jazz station for the nation. Do seek to reach a national and global audience at an affordable price? TPNG sales and marketing team has aggressive advertising strategy that will attract consumers and buyers to your product and brand. From faith based enthusiasts to those who love jazz, KGM1 Radio programing gives your service, brand and music access to demographics, economic data and professional script writers to ensure you get the most out of your advertisement budget. As a client of TPNG, you can choose the program, time-slot and campaign that fits your targeted audience. From script writing to voice-over, our account specialists takes a hand on approach to design an advertising package that meets your needs and increases your brand and company exposure. We also have special packaging and rates for short run advertising campaigns, grand openings and special events.

On air advertising and pre-recorded ads shouldn't have to be expensive to be effective. With over 200k listeners and counting, we can design a specialized script for KGM1 Radio numerous spiritual, jazz or talk shows. We also can create live broadcasts and public appearances by radio personalities in your store that will attract listeners to your place of business.

Advertising Specifs and Prices coming soon. If you have any questions please contact us

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KGM1 Radio offers several advertising programs. Find the one that best suits your business or organizations advertising needs.

KGM1 Radio - The Station for the Nation

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