KGM1 Radio - The Station for the Nation

KGM1 Radio - The Station for the Nation

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KGM1 Radio is an online radio station providing the listener with a terrestrial format and all the benefits of internet radio. Our programs cover a variety of topics in news, talk radio, and music. is your source for jazz, gospel, talk radio and ministry! KGM1 Radio is also an unique opportunity for the new artist and established artist to showcase their talent by placing the singles and albums in our online store.
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KGM1 Radio - The Station for the Nation


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News & Current Events

Internet Giant To Invest In Fixing Racial Divide, the Santa Clara County technology giant's philanthropic branch is giving $2.35 million in grants to organizations fighting for racial justice.

A Professional Boxer Admits His Homosexuality

Yusaf Mack the professional boxer who claimed he was drugged and didn't know he was in a gay porn film now says he is gay and wants to set the record straight about his sexuality.

"I'm gay. I'm tired of holding it in and it is what it is," Mack said.

The Spokesman For Black Lives Matter Movement Has Twitter Account Suspended

Shaun King who is a writer for the NY Daily News and leading voice in the Black Lives Matter movement,  became the focal point of a national conversation about race when conservative website Breitbart published a report questioning his racial identity.

Oprah Winfrey Announces Show Exploring Faith And Religion

Oprah Winfrey's new "Belief" series consists of 33 stories of faith told by Christians, Jews, Muslims and people of other traditions who's personal paths are told of self-discovery, overcoming hate, grief and loss and celebrating love and friendship.